Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Sky Used to be the Limit, Now the Sky's Our Point of View

I realized now what life is all about. The secret to living is giving. The most successful people on this planet are the ones who give value to others, and they reach and touch the lives of millions of people, and so our society reward them for providing the value that they do. The question is, what value will you give? How many lives will you touch? What contributions will you make? Will that fulfill you?

In answering these questions, I feel that a lot of people will try to give you their version of what they think will make them happy. But at the end of the day, you have to find your calling, what gives you the most fulfillment in life. I never thought in a million years I'd be happiest in Sydney, working in a bank, and learning French and connecting with people from Quebec and France being my new motivation in life. It's a new culture, new language, new way of looking at the world around us - and it's incredibly exciting!

Of course that is not the only thing that I'm into right now. I have a lot other interests that keeps me up at night, wake me up early in the morning, totally excited about life and the future. That includes corporate valuation, stock exchange and FX trading, personal power and human psychology in accelerated human change, increase my knowledge in programming (XCode, SAS, SQL and VBA) and various software's (Project, Visio, SharePoint, Excel, Access), and most surprising of all - Montessori childcare method of raising children! On top of that, I have to transition from being an employee to a manager - and to a leader - of large corporations with real targets and goals where the stakes are higher.

I hardly have enough time in 24 hours, this is on top of trying to keep up with dating, and maintaining my health and fitness, and being a good friend to my friends.

Why am I mentioning all this? Well, I guess my point is - nobody can tell you what you should do, what will make you happy. I've met people who tells me religion is the way to salvation and I should spend more time in that, others say you should just travel and go on holidays, others will tell you that living in the country and away from city is what gives me fulfillment - being vegan, expand your real estate portfolio, or going for marathons and exciting fitness challenges.

Guess what guys - I wasted time doing what others told me. Instead, what you should do is find what gives you passion, makes your life full - and from there find your mentors, and do what THEY say. You will have a much better life - in my personal opinion.

We'll see where we are in 10 years from now and I just hope it's somewhere positive.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why I Don't Write Here Anymore

I feel like there are so much other places where I am writing at, which I'm just not publishing to the rest of the world. I'm the kind of person that when I'm working on something, or I'm doing something, or wanting to achieve something... I don't really talk about it or tell people about it as much as I actually do it. I'll actually just do it, and focus more on getting what I'm imagining and bringing that into reality.

If I talk about it, it will be only to close friends and key people who are imperative and have a direct impact to the progress and success of what I want to accomplish. So, sorry if I haven't been speaking to you as much as I should. I feel like maybe I've lost my mannerism, or maybe I'm just demanding too much of myself? 

Whatever it is, I kinda feel like now is the time where I'm cramming myself for a final exam. I feel like I JUST gotta cover this topic, I JUST gotta be able to answer this next question, and this next challenge, so I will do well in the exam.

Well, nobody ever gets mad at you for studying when you have a finals coming up. Especially when they have the same exam coming up too. But the only difference is now we're no longer studying or in university. So when I'm doing something, and people aren't, they're free, I'm not - It becomes harder to balance between following your passion and keeping in touch with people that matter.

I'll see you when I'm done with the exam and it's celebration time. But for now... this cramming and learning phase is lasting longer than I thought...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Things are going great here, in case you are wondering.

But you probably aren't, because life is too busy for each and every one of us. All of us have goals, dreams and aspirations that we are working towards. If nothing else, we are just trying to get the checklist of things to do done, so that we can then enjoy the other things that life has to offer.

I wonder how we can end this cycle, especially when we know that it's not going to end until you meet your Lord, until you return to Him who created you in the first place.

Which is why having a purpose in life is such an important factor to living. All of us share a common purpose to worship God. But how we choose to do it is where we differ.

I'm starting to realize more and more of how important obtaining financial freedom really is. I live in the 4th most easiest country in the world for someone to be a millionaire. If nothing else, my partner and I can get a million dollars by simply saving up for a total of 11 years. After that, you can get $2000/month in interest and never have to work again.

But honestly, $2000/month isn't enough lol. My current expenses is already $2000/month, and that's just me alone. Need more than that! Putting your kids through school, continually improving the quality of your life, and not to mention being able to afford the better things in life every once in a while... or ultimately - ALL the time!

That would be awesome.

Man, how I wish I just had $20,000,000 so that I can just take a year off and do the things I enjoy most and just... really relax and take care of those whom I love and... well, just chill really. Play video games, exercise, eat good food. Catch up with friends every now and then, watch movies with Kassie.. What else is there to do in this world.

I would totes be praying all the time too, and be super grateful to my Lord if He gave me $20,000,000. C'mon God! A lot of people have it. Can You give it to me too, please???

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's Inspiration

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share something that I put together.

I'm not sure how much you can relate to this, or if you've ever gone through anything that I've been through, and if you are an Eminem fan or not... But this clip describes how I really feel for the past few months.

First part is basically a recent realization that I had, that I've actually always been a smart, attractive, focused, positive person who loves to contribute to others in my pursuit to leave my mark and leave this world a better place. However, growing up where I did, I didn't always get positive reinforcements, in fact quite the opposite. Some people looked down on me and didn't think much of me, that I started to believe that for myself too. But now, I am even better than they are in almost every aspect in life - hence the first part where Em says that those who puts him down were "lying sacks of shit" lol I know it's kind of aggressive but hey! That's Eminem for ya!

2nd part is a little more serious and sad - and this part is a bit longer - it's pretty much the majority part of this video. It's where - I've succeeded, but unfortunately this makes my mom sad because she might think she's losing her son to the world that I'm in now? But although we've had our stressful moments that basically Em wants his mom to know that he will always love her from afar.

Just wanted to share with you guys, but it's more for me and for me to re-visit at a later time.