Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Sky Used to be the Limit, Now the Sky's Our Point of View

I realized now what life is all about. The secret to living is giving. The most successful people on this planet are the ones who give value to others, and they reach and touch the lives of millions of people, and so our society reward them for providing the value that they do. The question is, what value will you give? How many lives will you touch? What contributions will you make? Will that fulfill you?

In answering these questions, I feel that a lot of people will try to give you their version of what they think will make them happy. But at the end of the day, you have to find your calling, what gives you the most fulfillment in life. I never thought in a million years I'd be happiest in Sydney, working in a bank, and learning French and connecting with people from Quebec and France being my new motivation in life. It's a new culture, new language, new way of looking at the world around us - and it's incredibly exciting!

Of course that is not the only thing that I'm into right now. I have a lot other interests that keeps me up at night, wake me up early in the morning, totally excited about life and the future. That includes corporate valuation, stock exchange and FX trading, personal power and human psychology in accelerated human change, increase my knowledge in programming (XCode, SAS, SQL and VBA) and various software's (Project, Visio, SharePoint, Excel, Access), and most surprising of all - Montessori childcare method of raising children! On top of that, I have to transition from being an employee to a manager - and to a leader - of large corporations with real targets and goals where the stakes are higher.

I hardly have enough time in 24 hours, this is on top of trying to keep up with dating, and maintaining my health and fitness, and being a good friend to my friends.

Why am I mentioning all this? Well, I guess my point is - nobody can tell you what you should do, what will make you happy. I've met people who tells me religion is the way to salvation and I should spend more time in that, others say you should just travel and go on holidays, others will tell you that living in the country and away from city is what gives me fulfillment - being vegan, expand your real estate portfolio, or going for marathons and exciting fitness challenges.

Guess what guys - I wasted time doing what others told me. Instead, what you should do is find what gives you passion, makes your life full - and from there find your mentors, and do what THEY say. You will have a much better life - in my personal opinion.

We'll see where we are in 10 years from now and I just hope it's somewhere positive.

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